Wishbone & Our Alpha Roll-Out of JS TAGS

A typical SDK deployment can take two months to get live. That’s two months before a network like Playhaven can bring its ad dollars to work for a new developer, and that can be problematic.

Why? Because in our fast-paced digital world of fierce competition, games can get hot, balloon, and die within a few month months. In the time between the game popping and ads making landfall, that solid bedrock of users may have completely washed away.

That’s why we’re weaving Javascript Tags into our business here at Playhaven–they whittle that typical two months down to five minutes. Your app is exploding? You can integrate us to get the best eCPM, without any hangups.

We’ve rolled out our first iteration of JS Tags into a clever app called Wishbone, and it’s working wonderfully. Wishbone presents users with two options and a question of which they like better–a picture on either side of the screen, comparing entities in any category.

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